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I had a session with Diane because I've had a UTI going on for a couple weeks.  It's something I've dealt with since I was 2 years old. Whenever it comes up, I treat it with herbs and that's great for the short term, but I got a sense that this could be a more permanent solution.  

First, I must say that besides the biophoton, Diane is incredibly sensitive and intuitive.  She immediately picked up on the underlying emotional issue after sharing some of my past experiences, which I have never really considered and no one else has ever thought to bring up.  Something just clicked and I understood so much of what this issue is about for me.  

She spoke more with my body than she did with my "egoic" self and came up with uninhibited "truths".  She guided me to a crucial event in my life that created this and got me in touch with my 2 year old child and that was a real healing moment.  She also asked my body if this was going to continue in this life, and my body responded "no".  Thank God! 

She is  excellent, compassionate, and extremely proficient in her process and how she communicate and connects everything through the use of the Biophoton machine.  

As for the light therapy itself, it feels subtle and powerful at the same time.  After the treatment I was just exhausted yet felt a great energetic shift happening inside of me, I also felt calm, and a knowingness that this is being completely cleared and preparing me to unblock any blocks to the LIght of the most high flowing through me. A few days later I have a clarity and strong sense of purpose, my UTI is gone and I'm most grateful.  

I highly recommend Diane and her work!


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