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Meet Diane

My Story

Life is movement. Mine has been a journey of personal healing through accidents. I was fearless and took my vibrant health for granted, believing it to be my birthright until I had 3 major accidents in my 20's while climbing, skiing and cycling.  Lying in the hospital with broken bones and recognizing the limited skills of western medicine, I developed an unrelenting spirit for healing. (I even surprised the doctors with my fast recoveries).

It is a conviction I have, when something challenging happens, it’s an opportunity for all of you to show up at different levels. Spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally, you draw upon the innate resources within you, to get through.

As a result of these experiences, and the incredible recoveries I’ve made, I love to inspire others to find their own unrelenting spirit for healing.

From a young age, I was always a pioneer with an adventurous spirit. From working as an instructor for Outward Bound, to sailing across the Indian Ocean on a square rigged brigantine, I have always been open to new and exciting things. It was no different in 1987, after I broke my back (again!) and sought out alternative healers. I knew then, that the majority of my healing would occur via the unseen realms.   

Healing with the Frequency of Light

When the BIophoton Light machine came into my life, quite surreptitiously more than a decade ago, my whole life came into magical alignment. Suddenly I experienced a healing modality that combined futuristic technology with the unseen healing frequency of light. I was enthralled. 

Now I had an opportunity to apply my intuition, people skills, knowledge of life transitions, and desire to help in a brand new way. Here I could help people get to the bottom of their health issues very effectively. 

Today I offer Biophoton Light sessions in a private setting in person in the Lake Chapala area in Mexico or remotely, via quantum healing. Since I don't advertise, If you have found me, that’s no coincidence. I strongly believe that our paths were meant to cross. Your body’s natural intelligence led you here. Some call this intuition. 

Why not honour your own body’s healing wisdom and call me to see if we should work together. 

Meet Diane: Welcome

Professional Training

  • I trained with the inventor, Johan Boswinkel, at the Institute of Applied Biophoton Sciences in Holland from 2010 to 2011

  • Master's Degree in Applied Behavioural Science from Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington

  • Bachelor's Degree in Outdoor and Experiential Education from Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario

  • Bachelor's Degree in Physical Education from the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta. 

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